Welcome to Winchelsea

Winchelsea has a long and illustrious history. It originally began as an Old Saxon fishing town sometime around 800AD. It subsequently became a major port of the region. The name Winchelsea is integral to gaining an understanding this tiny town in Sussex. The suffix Chelsea is rooted in the Saxon word chesil, which refers to a shingle beach or embankment. The prefix Win on the other hand has been derived from the colloquial word qwent and refers to the marshland behind the town.

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Wild Boar Week

It is interesting to note that the reason one can find so many wild boars in Winchelsea is because of a great escape that the wild boars managed from private land all the way back in 1987. There was a great storm that took place and allowed these creatures to escape and it is believed that they have lived feral since then.

For any first timers in Rye, you might bump into wild boar while on a walk near the forests so keep your rifles with you. If you’ve never had wild boar before, you’re in for a treat. The town goes pretty crazy during this week and there a smattering of delicious preparations that you’’ll come across during your time here. What does wild boar taste like? It’s a cross between pork and venison. A couple of famous recipes are braised boar in chocolate sauce or a chop with mash and red wine reduction gravy.

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