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Winchelsea Film Night

Winchelsea Moving Pictures logo

Winchelsea Moving Pictures is a community group that was set up with the support of the Rother Arts Development Officer, Melanie Powell, to screen films (under licence) in Winchelsea.
Winchelsea Film Night will usually be the third Monday of each month, except for December and January. We project films onto a large screen using some excellent digital projection and sound equipment loaned by Rother District Council.
To cover the costs of hiring the village hall, and buying a copy of the film and a licence for public screening, we are charging £5 a head for adults. We also run a bar serving wine and soft drinks. Our aim is to generate a small surplus at most screenings in order to build up and maintain a reserve of about £100 to cover losses from less popular films. Any money accumulated above our reserve target will be distributed to local community projects and activities.

The Red Slipper

On Sunday, 19 August 2012, members of WMP and other local volunteers shot a film about a small but poignant episode in the relatively recent history of Winchelsea. The story of the red slipper was related by Katharina Forbes Dunlop in 1988 and concerned an incident that occurred in 1899, when she was a child in Winchelsea.
One day, while playing outside her house in Friars Road, Katharina and her little sister Nell were called to look at troops marching down the High Street and through the Strand Gate on their way to embark for South Africa. The girls joined a crowd of townsfolk standing on the Lookout, shouting and cheering as the columns of men passed by. The soldiers were singing and whistling. All was excitement. So carried away was Nell that she snatched off one of the red felt slippers she was wearing and threw it to the soldiers. One of them caught it, called out, “My mascot!” and tucked it into his pocket. Katharina said she often wondered what happened to the slipper and hoped it had brought the soldier good luck in faraway South Africa.

Katharine and Nell Forbes-Dunlop

Katharine and Nell

A memory of this small story has been commemorated in a panel of drawings that will go on display in the summer of 2012 at the Lookout. This is one of a series of local historical remembrances commissioned from Winchelsea artist Julian Hanshaw by the Rother Arts Development Officer and funded from a grant to Rother District Council from the Heritage Lottery Fund's "All Our Stories" programme.
The film has been funded by Rother District Council from a grant received from the HLF and the parish council, but the bulk of funding has been raised by WMP itself. The budget was about £2,500.
The story was filmed exactly where it took place, at the Lookout in Winchelsea. Filming and post-production is being carried out by Rye Harbour-based youth vocational training charity, Entertainment Workshops, who are of course also filming “The Diamond Jubilee Year in Winchelsea” (which will include film of the filming of the red slipper). The director is Shaun Taberer. The music is being composed by the American great-niece of Katharina Forbes-Dunlop, Margaret Bernstein.
All the actors in the film and those helping with the organisation were local volunteers, as were those who helped with the hundred and one tasks that needed to be done on the day, such as wardrobe, make-up, catering, marshalling traffic and so on. We were thrilled that the great actor Sir Donald Sinden, who lives nearby at Ebony, kindly agreed to play Sir Henry Irving.

Sir Donald Sinden

In the film, Sir Henry is visiting Ellen Terry at Tower Cottage, her home in Winchelsea from 1896 to 1906. They watch the troops march past from her garden overlooking Strand Hill.

Ellen TerrySir Henry Irving

The film will be premiered in Winchelsea, on Saturday, 19 January 2013, at 7:00pm, at an event to raise funds for Help for Heroes, partly in tribute to the troops who marched through Winchelsea in 1899. Retired Army officer Anthony Kimber of Rye, who has researched the story, thinks they were the 3rd Battalion of the Sussex Regiment, a militia unit.

The credits

Sir Donald Sinden (Sir Henry Irving)
Tina Alexander
Sammy Bailey (Katharine Forbes-Dunlop)
Jiff Bayliss (wealthy resident)
Tom Brown (a soldier)
George Challand (schoolmaster)
Lorna Challand
Dominic Cockerton (a soldier)
Rupert Comotto (a soldier)
Alison Davies
David Davies
Joe Davies
Patricia Dawes
Ilona Dearden
Rose Dearden
Romin Hammed (a soldier)
Oliver de la Harpe (Albert, a soldier)
Alan Dickinson (the village butcher)
Emily Dickinson
Oliver Dickinson (a soldier)
Jake Field (William, a soldier)
Rory Fisher (a soldier)
Helen Gray (Dame Ellen Terry)
Elliot Green
Shane Hart-Jones (a soldier)
Angela Hill
Robert Holland
Annette Humphreys
Bruce Humphreys
Elysia La Rue
Chrs Laverton
Philip Laverton (the village postman)
Jale Lew-Gor
Simione Lew-Gor
Ivy Manning
Katharine Manning
Rosie Merrifield
Robert John Murfet II (a soldier)
Jack Pascoe
PC Richard Perchard (the village bobby)
Jackie Morris
Sally Rhodda
Jakk Roud (a soldier)
Tyler Sargent (a soldier)
Emma Seligman
Joe Seligman
Tom Seligman
Joyce Shann
Edward Skeates (a soldier)
Josh Simmonds-Taberer (a soldier)
Mia Smith (Nell Forbes-Dunlop)
Andy Sullivan (the sergeant)
Fred Taberer
Ben Tarrant (a soldier)
Catherine Thomas
Richard Thomas
Philip Walter
George Williams (a soldier)
Paul Williams (eccentric retired colonel)
Tom Williamson
Esmee Willson
Juliette Willson

Production crew
Sharon Brodie (make-up)
Ryan Card (camera)
Catherine Comotto (bacon sandwiches)
Jannette Dawson (costumes)
Myrian de la Harpe (make-up)
Ann Haddock
John Haddock (chaffeur to Sir Donald)
George Hanks (camera)
Michael Hart-Jones (boom man)
Siobhan Hart-Jones (costumes)
Seana Lanigan (costumes)
Ely La Roux (runner)
Charles Lew-Gor (gaffer)
David Morris (Mr Haddock's assistant)
Belinda Payne (make-up)
John Phillips (cameraman)
Aimee Taberer (Assistant Director)
Penny Taberer (runner)
Sean Taberer (Director)

Thanks to
Lee Apps (May Gurney)
Nigel Ashton (costumes)
Police Cadet Joe Davis
East Sussex County Council
Frank de la Harpe (photos)
Myriam de la Harpe (make-up)
Heritage Lottery Fund
the residents of the High Street
Police Cadet Courtney Hill
the tax-payers of Icklesham Parish
Colin Larkin (May Gurney)
Lookout Cottage
Police Cadet Charlie Moggridge
Special Constable Greg Montier
Dave Rodwell (Moving Pictures of Rye)
the residents of Rookery Lane
Melanie Powell (Rother District Council Arts Development Officer)
Police Cadet Amy Rowlands
Rye Neighbourhood Police Team
Salvation Army (costumes)
Rowena Sterry (costumes)
Dean Tarrant (The Flying Fryer of Winchelsea Beach)
Venue2Venue (hospitality truck)
Alan Williams (May Gurney)
John Williams (agricultural equipment supplier)

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Winchelsea Film Night

  • 18 March 2013
  • 22 April 2013
  • 20 May 2013
  • 17 June 2013
  • 22 July 2013

All Film Nights in Winchelsea are held in the New Hall on Rectory Lane (TN36 4AA). The New Hall has parking. Screening starts at 19:30. Entry is £5 a head for adults. 

Some shots from the filming

Shooting in Chapel Field

Extras getting into costume

One of the main scenes being shot

Filming the troops marching out of Winchelsea

The whole cast and crew.
(this photo is by Dave Rodwell, Moving Pictures)

For more photos, see our Flickr gallery and the album taken by Dave Rodwell (Moving Pictures of Rye).